Thursday, May 3, 2007

Will it ever end?

I am soooo tired of sick kids! It seems that one or the other (if not both at the same time) has been sick since Thanksgiving. Yes that is almost 6 months ago! We have had a few brief respites of like a week or two. Now they are both sick again. Izzy has an Upper Respiratory Infection. She woke up yesterday with green snot so I took her to the peds and they actually gave her antibiotics which almost never happens. Plus the doctor thought she was getting a case of pink eye. Lovely. I'm hoping that she doesn't get the pink eye. So far so good on that point. Then this morning Alex wakes up with lots of snot. Thank God his is clear so we didn't have to spend the day trying to see the doctor. So, I'm back to two clingy babies. I actually have them both off of my lap at the moment. I can't believe it. :P

I am really hoping that when the Spring and Summer really hit that we will get over all of this sick mess. Wish us luck.

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MrFuzion said...

Boy do I know the whole sick thing. My staff passed it around to each other, then my husband got it and then he was kind enough to give it to me. Of course, mine was worse than his which only made me want to choke the ever-living stuffing out of him. Grrr.....