Thursday, May 10, 2007

The special ring

Last night as Thomas was trying to get Isabelle to bed she came into my bedroom where I was having some alone time to tell me goodnight. She was very sweet and gave me a kiss and then begged me to sleep with her. She was wandering around and found my wedding ring on the nightstand. I tend to take it off when I put on lotion and I hadn't put it back on yet. She grabbed it and took off with it. When I tracked her down in the guest room Thomas was telling her that it was a special ring that Mommy and Daddy wear to show everyone that they are married. She thought that was really neat and she wanted a special ring of her own. Thomas came up with a great idea. There was a small ring on something of his that he thought would be about the right size and it was! She is now wearing her own 'special ring'. She is so excited!

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Anonymous said...

The "something" is a small metal ring that was attached to my Bosun's pipe to hold a lanyard(