Monday, August 20, 2007


It always amazes me when young children are learning to communicate. The lengths that they will go to to make sure that they get their point across is astounding.

In July I took Alex in and got his foot measured and he needed a size 4 wide. I went out and bought him 3 pairs of shoes. Tennis shoes, sandals, and water shoes. About 3 weeks later he began a strange behavior. He would walk over to any shoe he could find and pick it up and bring it to me and say "SHHHOOOEEEEE!" I thought that it was adorable that he was learning to talk so young. We were at the mall about a week later getting Izzy's glasses adjusted and while I was dealing with that Thomas was out in the mall with Alex. He came back in laughing and told me that Alex walked up to every store that had shoes in the window and pointed and said "SHOOOEES!!". Dad also thought this was very charming.

We decided to walk around the mall and low and behold they were having a shoe sale at Stride Rite so we went in. I was looking for some shoes for Alex (it's really hard to find wide shoes). I asked for a 4 wide and the girl asked if I wanted her to measure his foot. I said sure, but I just got him measure under a month ago. She measured him and he needed a 5 1/2 Wide!!! I was amazed. A whole size and a half in like a month.

So, I bought the kid a new pair of shoes and the girl said (this is the kicker) "Do you want him to wear these home or put the old ones back on?" I said he can wear the old ones home. What???? Why would I try to squeeze his poor little foot into a shoe a size and a half too small? I so wasn't thinking. The funniest thing is that he didn't say 'shoe' again for quite a while. I learned to take the hint.

Last week he walked over to me with a shoe and again said "SSSHHHOOOOEEEE!!!!!". We were at the mall later that day and he now needs a size 6 Wide. LOL! He sure is learning to communicate.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Get out the tissue

Isabelle always surprises me. The things that pop out of her mouth completely amaze me.

We went to visit my parents on Saturday and came home Wednesday. Tuesday afternoon she started running a fever and was complaining of her right ear hurting. I had just taken her to the pediatricians on Thursday and he diagnosed her with a sinus infection. She has been on an antibiotic since then. So, when she started running the fever I called the ped again and they said to go ahead and take her to immediate care. Well, I think it freaked her out. She did not want to go to the doctor.

We got home and I put her to bed and laid down with her. She started talking.

Izzy: Mommy, why am I sick?

Me: I don't know darlin.

Izzy: Who put the sickies in my body?

Me: I don't know darlin.

Izzy: Am I going to die?

Me: Not anytime soon honey. Why are you thinking about that?

Izzy: I don't want to be sick anymore. When is the diabetes going to go away?

Me: Honey, you aren't sick because of the diabetes. You just have a virus or an infection or something. That's why I took you to see the doctor so that they could make you better.

Izzy: Oh. Thank you for taking me to see the doctor.

I just love her so much. Sometimes she makes me want to cry.