Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Meme and Izzy

My parents are here. Yeah! It's always nice to have them. Isabelle is always on her best behaviour and she is soooo sweet. They got here Monday afternoon. They are here because Thomas and I had a follow up class at the children's hospital for Isabelle's diabetes. I needed someone to watch the kids because we couldn't take them with us and Mom and Dad are going to go to a caregiver class to learn how to take care of Izzy but the class isn't until tomorrow. So my Mom, God bless her, said that if I gave her a crash course in Izzy's care she would try to do it while we were gone as long as I kept my cell on for questions. Last night I went over carb counting with her and how to give the shots. She gave her first shot last night after dinner and Isabelle did great with Meme giving her a shot.

Today went really well! Thomas and I had to leave early because of traffic and because the hospital is about 45 minutes away without traffic. Sometimes with the traffic it can take twice that time. We left before the kids were up so Mom had to do the morning shot and the lunch shot as well and figure out all of the carbs and how much insulin to give. She did such a good job!!!! And Isabelle did great for her. I am so relieved. It's almost as though Isabelle knew that she had to be good for Meme. She is still running and hiding from us as well and crying and trying to jerk away when Thomas and I give her the shots. Maybe Meme doing it will help her to calm down with us. I really hope would make everyone's lives easier.

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