Tuesday, May 22, 2007

A Day of Firsts

Alex had a big day. Lots of firsts. He learned how to drink from a straw. Yeah!!!! That makes life around here so much better. He has finally started to experiment more with different food and tries just about everything that we put in front of him. He had his first taste of smoothie this morning surprising both him and me. And he liked it. :)

He also had kind of a bad first this afternoon. Thomas had just gotten home from work and was eating dinner and we were all sitting down at the table talking. Alex was wondering around. He walked up to me and took a bite of my thigh. It hurt like crazy and I just put my hands up and kind of looked at Thomas like get him out of here. Thomas picked him up and told him, "No biting! You can't bite Mommy. You are in time-out. You stay there." Alex looked up at me and at Thomas and put his hands down on the floor and just started to cry. Then Isabelle started to cry. It was all I could do not to cry. He was so upset!!! Isabelle was really mad at her Daddy-O for putting her baby in time-out. She said he was too little to go to time-out. Alex just sat there and cried for a minute and then Thomas went over and picked him up. He was like Velcro with him the rest of the evening. What a first to remember.

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