Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Fun times at the Mall

You know my daughter is a trip. She is such a character. Today we went to the Mall to get her glasses adjusted and to do some errands that I needed to get done.

As we were walking through the mall one of the kiosk vendors asked if she could try some pins in Isabelle's hair. I said sure. She put some pins in Izzy's hair and Isabelle just sat there so sweet and quiet. When the lady showed her her hair in the mirror Isabelle said she looked like Cinderella and was very excited about the hair do. We paid for the pins and walked away. We went from there to lunch and as soon as we sat down Isabelle said, "That lady forked me Mommy. Did she fork you?" Another one for the Isabelle books.

Later on we were waiting for a new battery to be put in my watch so we went into Payless to look at shoes. I have been really lucky at that store with children's shoes. Lots of times I walk in there and can find a pair of shoes for $3 or $6. Alex needs a pair of tennis shoes and a pair of water shoes for the summer so I thought we would see if they had anything. Right off I found the shoes that I wanted for Alex, but they didn't have his size. I took the shoes to ask the woman at the counter if they had his size in the back and on the way back up the isle I looked at Isabelle's size just to see if they had anything cute and cheap. We found the cutest shoes marked down to $6 plus they had Buy One Get One Half Price for the entire store. She tried them on and refused to take them off. She was wondering around in them as I stood in line behind two older women waiting to talk to the sales woman. One of the women commented on her pretty shoes and Isabelle said, "They aren't shoes...they are Glass Slippers! I am Cinderella!" They were enchanted. She is still calling them Glass Slippers. Too cute.

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