Tuesday, May 22, 2007

"Thank you Daddy-O"

Last night after a long day I talked to Thomas and told him that when he got home from work I was going to get out of the house...I had a ton of errands to do and I knew they would be easier to do without both of the kids. I had Alex in bed and Isabelle was already bathed and just needed her bedtime snack and her Lantus shot. I made it easy for him. :)

Isabelle has been doing so much better about her shots. She has not been crying and struggling when we give her shots, but she still isn't that great when Thomas gives her the shots. Last night Thomas came upstairs with the Lantus shot while Izzy and I were relaxing in the bed. He gave her the shot without too much of a problem. We both praised her for doing so well and she said, "Thank you Daddy-O for giving me my shot. Thank you for making me better."

Makes me want to cry. What a change from a couple of weeks ago.

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