Friday, March 21, 2008

Princesses DON'T Wear Glasses!

Every time my daughter chooses to dress up like Aurora I am told that, "Princesses DON'T wear glasses!" My first reaction was to reassure Isabelle that princesses wear glasses when they need glasses. Over the last couple of weeks as the princess phase has begun full force I have been told that NO princesses wear glasses. We have begun having battles over Izzy wearing her glasses. I'm not quite sure what to do about it. I usually relent when she is playing dress up, but her lazy eye seems to be getting worse and at our last visit the doctor talked about patching. So, I have really been pushing the glasses. I relaxed for a week or two. I only MADE her wear them when we were out and about or when she was going to school. When she was home she didn't have to wear them. Then I started to see the crossing again. So...back in the glasses as much as possible.

After really thinking about what Isabelle had said I went over all of the princesses that I know of. She is right! Princesses don't wear glasses. I don't even think that in all of the Disney Princess movies that we have (Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Beauty and the Beast, Cinderella, The Little Mermaid) not one person other then men are wearing glasses. What kind of a message does that send to our little girls. I have tried reasoning with her explaining that she is beautiful in her glasses and that it is much better to be able to see then not to see. She doesn't budge. She has almost cried on some mornings as we are getting ready to go to school and I make her put them on. She wants to be beautiful. She says that her glasses make her look cute, not beautiful. This child has always been told from day one that she is beautiful and we have done our utmost to build and encourage her self esteem. But glasses seem to be some sort of a stumbling block.

I spoke with a friend of mine today and she suggested that I Google princesses wearing glasses. I got a couple of interesting blog posts and a really cool website that sells t-shirts saying "Have you ever seen a Princess in glasses before? Well here I am!"

But, I still haven't found any princesses that are wearing glasses. So, Disney...where are you? Why can't you make a princess wear glasses? How about all of you children's authors out there? No princess in glasses??? What is going on? Do I have to write my own book, have it published and write my own movie, get it animated and printed? Please let me know if any of you reading this knows of any cool princesses that wear glasses. It just seems to be one more thing that sets my sweet princess apart. I want her to know that she is beautiful just the way she is...glasses, diabetes and all.

Lost social skills

It has come to my attention that I have spent the last year really, really caught up in my own life. As a side effect of this I have lost most of my social skills. Don't get me wrong, I'm not hiding under a rock nor have I completely stopped conversing with people. It just seems that most of the people that I have the chance to speak to on a regular basis are under 4 feet tall or are people who are selling me things. That doesn't lead to a whole lot of back and forth conversation. I think that I have lost the art of conversing like an adult.

A couple of months ago I met up with an old friend. It was way overdue. She didn't even know about Isabelle's diagnosis. Between dealing with and chasing children we ended up talking mostly about Izzy and what our life has been like A.D. (after diagnosis). I didn't even take the opportunity to ask her about her new house, what she has been up to lately, or her husband's new job. Completely just talked about myself. The really horrible part of all of it is that I didn't even notice until a couple of days later when I had a few minutes to myself.

So, a couple of weeks later I ran in to another friend. I said hello and asked how she was. You know, the kind of asking that everyone does when you start a conversation. Really just a how is everything not really a 'So really, HOW ARE YOU?' kind of thing. She then did ask how Izzy was doing and how I was doing. We ended our conversation shortly thereafter. As I was driving home I realized that I had done it again. I hadn't even asked how her children were! I realized then that I had completely lost my social skills.

So here is my heartfelt apology. To all of my friends and family out there. If I have offended you or hurt your feelings in any way please forgive me. I am really working on it. I'm trying to get better at asking about what is going on in your lives. Try me again soon. Hopefully you will see some improvement.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Wishing Stars

As I was reading Isabelle a story at bedtime tonight she was looking through a small box of play jewelry that she had. She pulled out a couple of plastic stars that used to be part of a bracelet. She handed one to me.

Izzy: Mommy, you can wish on this star

Me: (in a hurry because it was late) Ok. I closed my eyes and acted like I was making a wish.

Izzy: Mommy, you need to make a wish that my diabetes will be done.

Me: That's a great idea. I wish that Isabelle's diabetes was cured and that all of the children and adults in the world who have diabetes would be cured too.

Izzy: Mommy, my diabetes is gone!!!! Thank you for that wish.

Izzy: Now you be my friend with diabetes. You tell me that your diabetes is gone too.

Me-Pretending to be C. from church: Isabelle! My diabetes is gone!!!

Izzy: Me too!!! Now we aren't different. We are the same.

Me: You were both special before diabetes and you are both still very special.

Izzy: I know. But, wouldn't it be nice if my diabetes really was gone?

Me: Yes would be.

I love you Isabelle. Sometimes your sweet heart and whirling mind break my heart.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Blog Relationship Survey

I saw this posted in another blog that I read from time to time. Swing by and fill it out if you get the chance. Some of the questions made me think.

The pillow

Last weekend (yes...can you tell I have had a lot to say but no time to blog?) Izzy wondered upstairs and was gone for a while. She was very quiet so it was a bit concerting. Mom and I called to her and she said that she would be right down.

She came down the stairs and her angelic voice rang down the hall. "Mommy! Look at me! I'm a pillow. "

She had taken two pillowcases off of some pillows and had one over her lower half like in a sack race and another one over her head and torso.

Izzy: "You can lay down on me and get comfy now Mommy. I'm a pillow!!!"


Body Parts

Last weekend my Mom and Dad (Meme and Pawpaw) were here for the weekend to help us celebrate Alex's birthday and the kids being Baptized. At one point during the weekend Pawpaw was holding Alex and Alex was doing the whole Nose, Eyes thing. I really wish you could hear his sweet little voice saying all of the body parts because it is the sweetest ever. So, here it is:

Alex: Eyyyeeeessss

Pawpaw: Yes. Eyes

A: Mouth

P: Yes. Mouth

A: Nose

P: That's right. Nose

A: (while inserting his sweet little finger into Pawpaw's nostril) Boogers

LOL!!! The whole room cracked up. Wish I had that one video. We might even win lots of money with that one.

Happy Birthday Alex!!!

I can't believe it. My baby turned 2 today! He is sooooo sweet. I am still not sure how I ended up with a child that is so sweet. I'm glad that he only turned 2 because he had no idea how lame his birthday was today. LOL! We just hung out at the house and watched t.v. We didn't even make it outside to play. He has spent the day playing and smiling and cuddling with us. As I said...sooooo sweet! I will add a pic to this post as soon as I figure out where my darn cord is to my digital camera.

Did I mention that Alex turned 2 today? Hehehe! I can't believe that my baby is so big. It makes my cry almost daily to remember how little he was only a couple of years ago. It seems like my pregnancy was just yesterday and I remember it so vividly.

We have pretty much decided (at least today that is) that we are finished having children. We really have a lot on our plate with Izzy and her diabetes and Alex being so active and in to everything. It is very sad though to think that I will never get to feel that wonderful feeling of a little one moving around in my womb. And that wonderful feeling when the pregnancy is over and the baby is safely in your arms. All of those wonderful sleepless nights that you get to spend cuddling and holding a sleeping, sweet smelling bundle. I really do miss the time I got to spend with both of my babies in the middle of the night. It was so quiet and peaceful and intimate. I miss feeling that close to them.