Monday, May 26, 2008

The Final Frontier

I knew it was coming. I just kept hoping it would take a while longer.

When you are going through motherhood for the first time you can't wait for your child to hit those major milestones. You know the ones, rolling over, sitting up, crawling, walking, talking, and da da da daaaaaaa...opening the door knobs. As a second time mom I have found myself not really wanting to rush things. Alex has hit all of the major milestones so far, but not the final one until today.

He now OPENS DOORKNOBS! Eeeekkkkk!!!! This was my last defense. Thomas told me yesterday that that he did it like 3 times, but he didn't do it for me until today. And he did it numerous times. It's so funny that he is sooooo late in this milestone because Isabelle did it before she turned 2. Actually it took her like 2 evenings after we took the side off of her crib. We took the side off of Alex's crib in January. It's now May. I was secretly hoping that it wouldn't happen.

Now I am looking forward to him not wanting to stay in his room when it is time to take a nap or go to bed. He can also get into my hiding places (the laundry room and the closet) without the help of his older sister. And let's not forget the bathrooms. He has been obsessed for some time with flushing the toilet so we have kept the bathroom doors closed so that he can't get in there and flush the toilet numerous times. We are in the middle of a drought so we have water restrictions and I REALLY don't want to have to pay extra money because we have gone over our normal water usage. So far he hasn't tried to get out of his room when he wasn't supposed to. I actually think that it hasn't crossed his mind yet that he can open his door and leave when he wants to. We'll see how long that lasts.


Momma Mary said...

OOOOH.. I haven't even thought about what I'll do when Little Monster can open doors! Uuuuug!! Let me know what you figure out!!

Lisa said...

Doorknob covers. They are the best inventions in the world. You can stick them on any knob that you don't want your kids to get out of. I have one on each of my doors leading to the outside world and also on important interior doors; the medicine closet, computer room and the inside of Alex's room. LOL! He hasn't figured that one out yet.