Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Evel Knievel Rides Again

Alex has been quite the crazy child lately. Still a complete sweetie, but just trying his luck with everything.

A week ago Friday he fell as he was running to play with Isabelle and ran into the corner of the wall. He had the biggest goose egg. If he had hit it any harder we would have been at the ER getting stitches. He still had the bruise over a week later. The same day he dropped something heavy on his foot and left a huge bruise. Later that day he slammed his fingers in a door. Not his best day.

A couple of days after that I went up to get him up from a nap that wasn't happening and found him sitting in the TOP DRAWER of his dresser. I almost peed my pants! We have since put latches on the dresser so hopefully that is done.

On Saturday, the kids and I were at my Mom and Dad's house in Alabama. They have a few riding toys (the battery powered kind) for the kids. We had finished playing when them and put them up on the porch to plug them in and get re-charged. The kids and I were on the porch playing while my Dad and Mom were getting ready to take everyone on a boat ride. The porch is about 3 feet off of the ground with no railing around it. I was getting up to help Isabelle with something when Alex got on the little motorcycle that they have. I immediately started towards him and was yelling for him to get off of the motorcycle.

Then, accidentally his little foot hit the gas and the motorcycle took off with him on it. He rode the dang thing off of the porch!!!! I hate it when things like this happen. They seem to happen in slow motion and you can NEVER get there in time to prevent it from happening. I saw it all in slow mo...he had a look of terror on his little face as I was running toward him screaming for him to stop. First the front wheel went off of the porch. Then the back wheels caught on the pavement and he went flying off of the porch. His little chest/tummy hit the steering column and then he flipped over the handle bars and got hung on the handle bars by his shirt.

That is where he was when I got to him. He was crying and scared. But, remarkably, completely unharmed!!!! The lucky little booger! Not even a bruise. I can't believe it. It will be a miracle if he makes it to 3 without an ER visit. Evel Knievel eat your heart out.


Momma Mary said...

This made my heart skip a beat. OY. I know the pain of a crazy boy... and I have this feeling that I know NOTHING about it at the same time.. as if I'm about to be taught a lesson about little boys and how they seek out danger.

Briana said...

Natalie has accident prone days like that when she is tired. She just can't seem to function and walks into walls and trips over everything. Poor little things...