Thursday, May 22, 2008

Mommy's Vacation

I got my first vacation from Diabetes this week. My Mom and Dad volunteered to take Isabelle and Alex for a few days. I took them over there on Friday and came back home alone on Sunday. It's so strange how quiet that drive is when you are by yourself.

I got to have dinner with my hubby and we actually made it to the movies. Without the children. It was really nice. I got to relax and do whatever I wanted to do and I got to eat anything I wanted whenever I wanted without worrying about carb counts and weather or not Isabelle would want some if she saw it. I slept in late every morning.

I definitely missed the kids, but I really needed the break. It was the first time that Alex was away from us for any length of time since he has been old enough to understand. He did really great! He didn't even cry for me. I think he was too busy making Pawpaw walk him all the way up Booger Hill. Isabelle also did really well. She said that she missed me and my Mom said that she asked about me a couple of times, but all in all she did really great.

The only thing that really bugs me is that my parents say that her behavior was really great. Even though she had some highs while she was over there. When she is with me, she often has major meltdowns and screaming fits when her blood sugars are out of whack. None of that for Meme and Pawpaw though. Makes me realize that she can control her temper when she wants too. I guess this summer is going to be lots of fun for us.


Cath B said...

I think that a couple days away is not only therapeutic for the mommy but also is beneficial to the children.
I know when I get some time away especially like two days in a row I feel like I have de-stressed and can be a better mommy.

That's why I so cherish the moms night outs that are too few and far between.

Briana said...

LOL... can she take mine for a week or so? I'm sure they will be perfect angels!!