Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Pumping it up

Thomas and I finished our classes tonight that we need to do to get Isabelle on the pump. We will order our pump this Friday. We are going to get an Omnipod. Everyone is looking forward to it including Isabelle.

We got a trial pod and tried it on Isabelle. The first one that we put on stayed on for a little over 24 hours. Then something strange happened. I realized that the strange buzzing sound was coming from the pump. After talking to the pump rep we found out that the ones that they give out to use for trials are pumps that have been found defective in some way. And when an omnipod isn't working they buzz like that. It took me about 4 hours after I first noticed the noise to realize that it was the pump. By that time I had the absolute worst headache I have had in years. So we took that one off.

The second pump lasted for the normal 3 days. Isabelle did a really great job with it. She loved wearing it and showing it to everyone. We are very hopeful. Now I am really anxious to see how she does with the insertion. I hope it goes well.

So we will be pumping it up within the next month or so. As it works out Izzy has an Endo appointment on Friday and since I have all of the needed homework already done we are going to go ahead and order our pump on Friday. We are all really excited. Wish us luck.


Momma Mary said...

My SIL has had great luck with the pump as an adult!

Penny said...

Best of luck to you guys. I wouldn't trade Riley's pump for anything in the world (except a cure).

Briana said...

I sure hope this helps lessen the burden on you a little bit. I'm glad that she is receptive and wants to do it. That's makes it a lot easier.