Friday, September 7, 2007

Back to School

Izzy started back to school this week. She is now in a 3 day program at the same church pre-school as last year. She is in school Tuesday through Thursday. I think that surprised her because on Wednesday I had to convince her that she 'wanted' to go to school.

She loves her class!!! They keep her really busy and that is really great. I went in the week before all of the school festivities started and talked to the teacher and her aide and explained how to use the meter and when to test and what to look for and how to use the glucagon. It was a lot of information to understand especially with a toddler and 2 preschoolers running around. I was very impressed with her teacher and aide. They had both been researching diabetes and working with a meter so that when the time came they would know what to expect out of Isabelle. I couldn't believe that they would spend their personal time to do that for her. This is why I love this school! We are still looking for books to read to the kids about diabetes so that they can better understand why I am there every day giving Isabelle shots right after lunch. They do love seeing Alex everyday. We were running a little late on Thursday and the teacher told me that a few of the kids were asking where Alex was. LOL! Her teachers are doing a really great job keeping an eye on her. She has had one low of 70 which is not bad and one blood sugar that was slightly high at 209. Both times they were on the phone telling me what they were doing and making sure it was ok. They are doing wonderfully!

Isabelle told me today that she LOVES M. He is a little boy in her class and wouldn't you know it, one of the days I was in giving her her insulin she was chasing him because he wouldn't share. HaHa!!


Cath B said...

That's Awesome Lisa that the teacher's are so supportive and helpful for Izzy at school.

Lisa said...

Thanks Cathie! is really great. They are just wonderful there.