Saturday, April 21, 2007

So many new things

It seems like for the last three weeks everything has been new. We are all learning about how to deal with diabetes and how it effects Isabelle. And on Wednesday of this week I took Isabelle in to see the Pediatric ophthalmologist and they gave her glasses. So now we are dealing with a 3 year old with diabetes who has to have her blood sugar tested at least 4 times a day; which actually tends to be more like 8 times a day and the subsequent shots who seems to have figured out that when she eats she has to get a shot which has not helped the eating situation. Now we are supposed to get her to wear her glasses so that she can correct her lazy eye. She does not want to wear them. That makes me say to her at least a 100 times a day..."Put your glasses on." "You need to wear your glasses." or something of that sort. So much fun. She did get to pick out her frames and was very excited about them until she put them on. The prescription is really strong...the girl at the eyeglass place was surprised that this was her first pair with this prescription. She is very cute in them though. If only I could get her to wear them, but I am also thinking that this is just one thing too many right now. Today I took the day off from bugging her about her glasses...I told her to put them on once then not again. I think I will let her go for a couple of days and then start again.

Thomas kept the kids today so that I could get out. Friday was bad so I really needed some time to myself. It was nice to sit and have lunch all by myself without having to talk to anyone or do anything for anyone. Everyone needs a break now and then. I do worry though that Thomas doesn't get enough of a break.

I have found quite a few new websites about diabetes and some interesting blogs. It's nice to know that there are other people out there that are dealing with the same things that we are dealing with. I do feel really sad that she has to go through this and that she is going to have to do it for the rest of her life. I am trying to wait patiently for the day that she won't scream and cry about getting her shots. I hope it is soon. It is really hard to take sometimes.

Sorry this post is so blah...I'll think of something cute to write about the next time.


Steph said...

Maybe she would react better if she saw more people with glasses. You can probably pick up a cheap pair of "fashion" frames to wear yourself. If you wear them, maybe she would not be so resistant? When Thomas comes home, he can smile and tell you how pretty you look in your glasses. I don't know, just a thought. Also, does any TV characters that she watches wear glasses? I know that Arthur does.

I don't blame her, glasses can be a pain in the butt. I still don't like ever wearing mine.

Lisa said...

LOL! I know...I hate wearing my glasses too, but I have been wearing my glasses since she got hers. We were at the doctors today and the nurse there had on glasses and she told her that she had to wear her glasses and she did for about half the day. Now we are back to the battle.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful, simply beautiful.
Cool Pop