Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Crazy day

What a crazy day! Isabelle, although very sweet, was a pistol today. I forgot my new lesson that when she is crazy and mean that I should take her blood sugar. I didn't do this and found out later that she was low. Not just once but twice! Hmmm...could this be part of her mood swings? I think so. Alex was also needy today so before 9:00 am they had both driven me a little crazy. At least my Mom is still here so that helps a lot.

When she wasn't driving me crazy she was riding around on her stick horses and asking me to be 'Spirit' with her. She is too funny!

Thanks to Jay who sent me the links on the articles about the news in the diabetic world. I sometimes don't have enough time to look for things on the Internet.

Tomorrow I am headed to Isabelle's pre-school to talk to them about what kind of care she will need. I am hoping that she will be able to return on Monday. On Monday I will be able to go with her and stay for the day so that if anyone has any questions I will be there. Wish me luck.

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