Saturday, April 28, 2007

He's Brilliant!

Yesterday as we were hanging out in the living room Sesame Street was on. Isabelle was watching it intently as they were singing the ABC's. Alex was sitting in my lap drinking a bottle. Elmo came across the screen singing the ABC's (it was an ABC day) while he was riding his tricyle. Alex jumped off of my lap and went straight to his toy box. He rummaged around for a few minutes pulling toys out and looking at them then throwing them down. He finally found what he was looking for and he turned around with the most proud expression on his face. He had Elmo in his hand...the one that is like a rattle that you shake and it giggles. He was so excited!!!! He walked over to me talking and giggling the whole way and handed it to me. Then he wanted to climb back up in my lap and finish his bottle.

I had no idea that he knew who Elmo was let alone like him. LOL!


MrFuzion said...

Next stop, Nobel Prize for Literature....

Meme said...

That's Meme's Guy! He is constantly amazing me...I know he is VERY SMART...just like Issy is! And it has NOTHING to do with me being their Meme!