Saturday, December 8, 2007

Welcoming highs

So the kids have been sick. What's new. Izzy and Alex and I had a stomach bug and as soon as Izzy began getting sick with the tummy bug she stopped eating. She didn't really eat for almost 2 weeks. Last Monday she still wasn't eating well but she did eat lunch so I gave her insulin to cover the food just like I would normally do and a little over an hour later she was in the low 40's. I gave her some juice and a snack and checked her again in about a half hour. She was still in the 40's. It took me almost three hours to get her into the 70's! I almost threw her in to the car and took her to the ER.

I spoke to the endo office after it was over and they told me that it is not unusual for a child who has been sick like Izzy to do this. Apparently if they are not eating they utilize all of the stored sugar in the body and they don't have any to fall back on. This all happened after over a week of lows.

She is finally over the lows and we are seeing quite a few 300's. We are working on getting her back on track. We are slowly increasing her Lantus trying to get rid of those highs. But I have to say...after chasing the highs for a few months and then dealing with really bad lows for over a week I am not hating the highs as much.

During one of her lows...she woke up in the middle of the night low and scratched her face. Really bad. I took her in to the ped for her cold and her little face was infected. It was bad. It is looking much better now, but I doubt she will get over it without a scar. What a bummer!

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