Tuesday, January 22, 2008

A New Year

I know I've been a bit on the invisible side in the OC. I'm sorry to say that it probably won't get much better anytime soon. I have decided to try and simplify my life so that our little corner of the world can be a little more relaxed and happy this year. It seems crazy to me that my life as a stay at home Mom is so stressful. I don't think that it has to be this way.

Last year was a very hard year for us as was the year before. This year will be different. I'm counting on it.

It has already started off with a bang.

The kids were well for about 3/4 of December (including the holidays) and it has snowed here TWICE!!! All would probably still be well, but I got sick and then of course Izzy got it. But, it seems to have been relatively short lived and I think that she will be back at pre-school in the morning.

Thomas actually put the kids to bed ( read that right...multiple kids) at least 4 times. Gee...things happen differently when mommy can't get out of bed. Alex is now in a big boy bed and he is doing really well with it. He would probably be heading for potty training if I had the energy and I could keep Isabelle out of the way.

Isabelle is back to not wanting to get her shots. I guess this is something that we will have to go through from time to time. It seems to be sort of a cycle with us. We have another endo appointment in February and I am planning on talking to the doctor about a pump at that time. I'll see how Izzy feels about it when the time comes. sure would be nice not to have to worry about giving her all of those shots every day. It's hard sometimes not to get upset when she is running from you and begging you not to give her a shot.

Isabelle had her 4 year old well check up last week and the doctor was very pleased with her progress. She has done a lot of growing the last year. For what is probably the first time in her life she is well past the 10% of everything on the growth charts. She is still petite, but she is within the normal range.

So enough rambling. I will try to get back soon with some fun little stories of the kiddies. Don't forget about me out there...I am still here. And Scott(if you are out there)...I swear I will get around to the meme sometime soon. :)


Cathie said...

I'm with you Lisa, This year has got to be better then last year for the both of us.

Lisa said...

Yes we do! Thanks for reading Cathie and I'm glad that you don't have anything new to add to your blog. :)