Saturday, December 8, 2007

Where did November go???

Here it is already December 8. I just looked and I didn't even manage to post 1 post in November. Geez...I'm a bad blogger. :P

All I can say in my defense is that I also missed 5 birthdays in November. I think I was asleep with my eyes wide open all month. The kids have been sick (what's new) and of course there was Thanksgiving and a trip to visit the in-laws. Lots of things going on at pre-school and lots of doctors appointments. Not to mention that the laptop that I was using took a dive. It was a little hard to get online and find the time to get online.

Izzy was getting better about sleeping. I actually got an entire night of sleep right after Thanksgiving. Yeah!!! Now she is back to fighting it. We'll see what happens.

Alex is the sweetest thing when he isn't throwing a tantrum. :0 He has taken to calling me when ever I do something for him he says thank you sweetheart except he doesn't say the sweet part. I just get a lot of 'Thank you Heart!" It is just the sweetest thing.

Ok...enough for now. We actually got our Christmas tree up today and all of the lights on it. Tomorrow we will do the ornaments.

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