Friday, July 20, 2007

Bad week

What a week! I'm so glad that it's Friday. Maybe the week ending will cure this craziness.

I have not been myself this week. It has been really busy and usually I love weeks like this. It's fun to be busy and the kids almost always have a good time, but then you throw diabetes into the mix. You never know what will happen then.

My nephew came to stay with us this week and that is great. He is 12 and he is so sweet and very helpful. Poor him that he was here this week. I know he has been bored out of his mind. So add the stress of worrying about him to the mix and things get harder.

Isabelle's blood sugar has been crazy for the last few days. She has been hovering in the high 200's and spiking to the high 300's. Nothing seems to bring them on...they just happen. On top of that it takes FOREVER for them to come down.

Today I thought that finally the highs were on the run. She woke up at 116! Yeah! Then most of the day she was hovering in the 80's. A little on the low side for her, but not hypo. Then all of a sudden in the late afternoon she started asking for something to eat and drink and it wasn't dinner time yet. I of course checked her and BOOM! 256. Ok. That is high, but not that high. Dinner was just a little over an hour away so I just let it go. Usually in an hour or two it is down a little on it's own. So off to the grocery store we go. We got home two hours later. I checked her and she was 389!!! What the F**K????? I am so frustrated I can't even tell you. I was supposed to fax in her test results today to the endo and they were so good this morning that I relaxed a little too much and forgot to do it.

I was getting better about not tying my moods to the blood sugar readings, but after this week I guess I have to start over. I thought it was because I am PMSing and all of us women know that that makes everything at least twice as bad as it really is. I don't know what to do. I just hate feeling so useless. Almost like no matter what I do I can't do anything to help. This disease sucks.

Sorry this post is so down. Hopefully I'll have something better to post tomorrow.


Anonymous said...
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Allison said...

Hi! My name is Allison. I saw your post on Penny's blog. I am almost 22 and was diagnosed with type 1 when I was 8 years old. I just wanted to come by and say hello. I write a blog called Lemoande Life. I have so many of those days that you described, and my best advice is to just accept that it happened, deal with it and move on. Don't dwell on the crazy blood sugars that don't make sense because you will go crazy! If you ever want to ask questions about what it's like growing up with the disease, just shoot me an email. I'd love to help if I can!


Meme said...

Hi Lisa, Sorry things are so crazy with Issy, it IS NOT YOUR FAULT! That is just the way it is! Your a GREAT Mommy and I know your doing all that you can possibly do for her. No one, not even Issy, could ask for more! I love you and your doing a BEAUTIFUL job with BOTH children or else they wouldn't be such sweet, out of this world adorable kids!!!! Love, Meme

Penny said...


It is very hard not to let the numbers get you down. They still get to me sometimes. Especially if they are high and stay that way for a while.