Thursday, June 28, 2007

Poor Alex

He now has an ear infection. Funny...I know something was wrong when he was up most of the night last night. He just doesn't stay up all night for no reason. He feels better this evening. He should. He has antibiotics, Motrin, teething gel, cold medicine and a tummy full of milk. Plus he got to play with his Daddy and Isabelle.

Alex is too cute these days. He is trying really hard to jump, but can't quite figure out how to get his feet off of the ground. When he is on the bed though he can! He delights in jumping on the bed and landing on his butt. He giggles and then stands up and does it again. He is also trying really hard to give raspberries. Isabelle loves to do that and she thinks it is sooooo funny so now Alex is trying his hardest to do it too. He was totally annoying Isabelle tonight because he kept trying to blow raspberries all over her where ever he could get his mouth. He's too cute.

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