Monday, February 9, 2009

Some nights...

Pod changes really suck. Started off with the pod change and Izzy was at a really nice 135. We changed the pod, bolused to get a little bit of insulin going and went off outside to play.

About and hour or so later we came in to get some dinner. I checked her blood sugar and she was around 230. Not bad for a pod change night. There have been many times that she has ended up in the 400's on pod change night. I was feeling pretty good about the night. Usually Isabelle ends up staying up late on pod change nights because her numbers are so high and it takes soooo long for them to come down. I guess that was my downfall.

The night was moving along and I was about to move the kids upstairs to bath and then bed when Izzy wanted dessert. After negotiations we landed on a pop-tart. These usually suck because they really spike her bloodsugar, but since her numbers were so good...I gave it to her. About 3 bites into the darn thing I gave her the bolus to cover the pop-tart (37 grams of carbs for just one...not one package!!!!) and the pod starts alarming. Dag-um!!!! I wanted to grab the pop-tart and banish it to the garbage can, but I didn't. I quickly got a new pod started and put on, the old pod taken off and re-bolused her for the pop-tart.

After her bath and her story I checked her blood sugar while holding my breath. 208! Holy crap!!! That's great! It was just a little over an hour since her last bolus so not bad at all. Of course within an hour she was calling to me telling me that she was low, she was actually right around 150. Not too bad.

We really are going through a ton of pods lately though. It seems that at almost every pod change something happens and we have to start a second one. Thank God we got her prescription changed to 1 pod every 2 days instead of 1 every 3 days. Hopefully that will give us some wiggle room.

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