Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Princesses DO Wear Glasses!!!!!

and Patches too.

We visited the eye doctor in August and Isabelle's lazy eye has gotten stronger, but the other eye has gotten weaker. So now we have to patch. We are patching for 2 hours a day. When the doctor told us that she would have to wear a patch she got very excited. She wanted me to put her patch on right then. When we got home and I got the chance to put her patch on she realized quickly that she did NOT like it. It has been like pulling teeth every single day since then to get her to wear the patch. She has been doing better with her glasses though.

After our appointment last April I bought her new glasses because her prescription had become much stronger. I let her pick out her new glasses and of course she picked out a pink pair. They look adorable and she really likes them.

On another all of the parents out there that found this blog looking for something to help their little princesses become more at ease with their glasses there is hope!

A while back I was contacted by Pam Calvert. She is an author that has written a book called "Princess Peepers" and it is about a little princess that wears glasses. It was due out on September 1. I haven't gotten a chance to see the book yet. I should have gone over to Border's today to check it out. It seems to be on sale at Borders, Barnes & Noble, Books A Million, and Amazon (according to my online search). I can't wait to get my hands on it and read it with Isabelle.

Pam was kind enough to allow me to post a link to her website and the website for the book. She also sent along some pictures from the book and of her own little princess reading it. Enjoy!!!

This first picture is of Pam (the author) and her little Princess!


Cathie said...

That's awesome Lisa. I'm glad you finally have a book about a princess wearing glasses.

Carrie Evans said...

I just came across your Blog by accident looking for more books about patches:) My daughter also has to wear a patch and I know how frustrating it is to get them to wear it.
I found a patch that goes on over her glasses. "" In the picture it looks like your daughter is wearing the one that sticks to her. You may have more luck with her wearing it on her glasses. Hope this helps!

Christa said...

This is amazing! I've been wearing glasses and patching off and on since I was three. My heart goes out to all the little princesses who do wear glasses and's rough especially in school. I'm so excited to hear about Princess Peepers!! It's time someone stood up and showed that yes, princesses wear glasses too! I know I do :)

Anonymous said...

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