Thursday, August 14, 2008

Snips and Snails and Puppydog tails

I grew up the middle of three children and the only girl. I was a tomboy, but as I grew I came to realize that boys are gross. They tend to get dirtier then girls, they always seem to 'accidentally' get yucky stuff everywhere. It was my experience that when you are sharing a bathroom with a boy there are going to be boogers and pee somewhere.

Alex is such a sweet little guy. Imagine my amazement when I realized that he is a stinky boy! LOL!

I went into his room the other afternoon to wake him up because I needed to pick Izzy up from school. He was hard to wake up and looked like he really wanted to stay asleep. I rolled him over and started to change his diaper. He passed some gas and we both laughed. I got his pants off and started removing his diaper. As soon as I got the diaper off he tooted again. This one really surprised me and because he had not pooped yet, it alarmed me. I jumped. Alex thought this was hilarious. We both ended up laughing.

Then comes the stinky boy part. He said "Watch this Mommy!" I saw his little body tense up and the little booger pooted at will! Then he did it again 3 more times! Geez...if he can do this at 2 what will he be like at 13????

Oh yeah...shouldn't I get bonus points for how many different words I used for passing gas? LOL!

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