Friday, March 21, 2008

Lost social skills

It has come to my attention that I have spent the last year really, really caught up in my own life. As a side effect of this I have lost most of my social skills. Don't get me wrong, I'm not hiding under a rock nor have I completely stopped conversing with people. It just seems that most of the people that I have the chance to speak to on a regular basis are under 4 feet tall or are people who are selling me things. That doesn't lead to a whole lot of back and forth conversation. I think that I have lost the art of conversing like an adult.

A couple of months ago I met up with an old friend. It was way overdue. She didn't even know about Isabelle's diagnosis. Between dealing with and chasing children we ended up talking mostly about Izzy and what our life has been like A.D. (after diagnosis). I didn't even take the opportunity to ask her about her new house, what she has been up to lately, or her husband's new job. Completely just talked about myself. The really horrible part of all of it is that I didn't even notice until a couple of days later when I had a few minutes to myself.

So, a couple of weeks later I ran in to another friend. I said hello and asked how she was. You know, the kind of asking that everyone does when you start a conversation. Really just a how is everything not really a 'So really, HOW ARE YOU?' kind of thing. She then did ask how Izzy was doing and how I was doing. We ended our conversation shortly thereafter. As I was driving home I realized that I had done it again. I hadn't even asked how her children were! I realized then that I had completely lost my social skills.

So here is my heartfelt apology. To all of my friends and family out there. If I have offended you or hurt your feelings in any way please forgive me. I am really working on it. I'm trying to get better at asking about what is going on in your lives. Try me again soon. Hopefully you will see some improvement.

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Momma Mary said...

It's happened to me too. I always realize a few minutes after too. I hope that my friends don't notice. I never notice when my friends do it to me. It doesn't matter. Good friends will realize that you just needed to get some things off of your mind. :)