Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Alex's hard day

Little Alex had a hard day today. He woke up cranky and I had to forcibly dress him. Loads of fun for both of us. After dropping Izzy off at pre-school I took him to his first eye doctor appointment. Of course they dialated his eyes. He did not like it. Who could blame him though. I don't like it much either. After waiting for 30 minutes for the dialation to take effect they took him back into the room and check him. They found that he is farsighted in his left eye so we may have to watch out for some eye crossing from him too. The doc wanted us to wait for another 15 minutes to make sure that the difference in his eyes wasn't due to the right eye not being dialated as much so we waited some more. Have I ever mentioned that he NEVER sits still? It was a long visit. We finally got finished and left. I had some sunglasses for him, but he wouldn't leave them on. Thankfully it was a little overcast today.

When we left we had to go to get Isabelle and take her something else for lunch. Her pre-school called just as we were going into Alex's appointment saying that her blood sugar was 301 and she was hungry. I told them to give her the pepperoni and cheese that I had packed for her lunch and that I would bring her something else for lunch. I stopped to get her something and Alex didn't want to get out of the car. He had a screaming fit about it and I just carried him into the grocery store and grabbed what I needed and checked out as quickly as possible. When we got back to the van he threw another fit because he didn't want to get in his seat. I strapped him in anyway as we were trying to beat the clock.

We finally got to the school a little later then we should have been there and he threw another fit about getting out of the van again. I think he just wanted to fall asleep. We went in and gave Isabelle her insulin and back out to the van again. Another screaming fit about getting back into the car seat. By this point I was really feeling sorry for him, but was also ready to scream myself. We made it home and I put him down for his nap after some cuddling and rocking. He slept for 2 1/2 hours. I didn't have the heart to wake him up. He woke up in a much better mood even though his beautiful blue eyes were still dialated.

Alex ended his day by telling his Daddy and I a joke.

Alex- Why chicken cross the road Mommy?

M-I don't know Alex, why did the chicken cross the road?

A- Get to the other side.

Repeat with Daddy and then again with Mommy at least 20 times before he went to bed.

LOL!!!! What a trooper. It is so nice to have a child that goes with the flow.


Anonymous said...

I can't beleive that little guy remembers the joke...of course Issy has said it thousands of times. I guess Alex IS paying more attention than I realized. Can't wait to see both my grand's and of course You and Thomas, too! Love you...Happy Valentine Day!

Briana said...

Sorry you had such a rough day. Natalie has those days and they sure aren't very fun. But, rest assured... this too shall pass. :)