Monday, February 9, 2009

The week from Hell

Last week was a rough one. I should have known since I had 3 doctors appointments scheduled for the kids in one week.

Monday wasn't bad.

Tuesday started off good. Then when Izzy got home from school it was time to do a pod change. Usually these aren't too big of a deal. We are trying to convince her to wear the pod on her tummy or hip more often since those sites seem to work for a longer period then the arms that she favors. Today however she did not want to do a pod change. I got the pod started and was about to put it on her when she decided that she did not want to wear the pod anymore. Usually all I have to do when she doesn't want to put a new pod on is remind her that if she doesn't wear the pod she will have to go back to having 4-6 shots a day. Usually when I tell her this she relents and we put the pod on and go about our business. This time she said that she wanted the shots. I thought that if she had one shot that she would want to go back to the pod so I went ahead and gave her an injection since her blood sugar was on the high side. The little booger said "That didn't hurt at all. I want to do shots instead of putting on the pod." I was flabbergasted. I didn't know what to do.

First I called Omni Pod to find out how long I had with the active pod before it wouldn't work anymore. They said 59 minutes. Lovely. I had less then an hour to change her mind. I then called the endo because I had no idea how to decide how much Lantus to give her to cover her for the day. In my mind I was thinking that if we did the shots for a whole day and she had to go without eating whenever she wanted to like she used to then she would be willing to go back on the pod. It was after hours so it took a while for the doc to call me back. When she called me back I had to give her the info about Izzy's basal rates which were in the PDM. I couldn't look at them unless I acted as if I were putting the pod on and inserting it. So I had to blow another pod. Lovely. While I was on the phone with the doctor my hubby walked in. After her figured out what was going on he told Isabelle that she was going to put the pod on because we were not going back to shots. So, she changed her mind and let me put her new pod on. Great. I was emotionally spent for the night.

Just the thought of having to go back to shots and figuring out insulin to carb ratios by hand and writing everything down every second it was happening just made my head explode. I'm so glad we didn't have to do that.

Wednesday morning both kids had dental appointments at 8:00am. Lovely. We were there on time. I still don't know how. I also don't know how it took them almost 2 hours to get us out of the office. That night Alex threw up in the bathtub after I already had everyone bathed and shampooed. Great. I spent the night scrubbing the bathroom.

Thursday Alex didn't want to go to school. I took him anyway. I really thought that the aforementioned bathtub incident was because he had accidentally sucked down too much water and threw up after coughing too hard. It wasn't until Friday that I realized he was really sick.

Thursday afternoon Izzy had her 5 year old check up. She is doing really well. The doctor was very pleased with her growth for the year. The only thing that sucked is that her appointment was at 3:45. We got there early. 3:20. I don't think I have ever been that early to a kids doctors appointment. We left the office at around 5:30. Yes, that's right. Over two hours sitting in the doctors office. Never again. I knew I always took morning appointments for a reason. We left the doctors office and I realized that we had a little less then an hour before we had to leave to go to our class at the church. So somehow I had to get home, feed to children, bathe two children, pack snacks for two children, feed me and Thomas, and leave the house by 6:30 so that we wouldn't be late. Hello McDonald's! We barely made it. Hectic, hectic, hectic. By the time we got home that night around 9:45 everyone fell in to bed.

Friday. My birthday. I woke up around 4AM feeling horrible. Not long after that I was in the bathroom with the stomach flu. The whole nine yards. What a way to spend my birthday. I couldn't even get Izzy to school. I knew I wouldn't make it there and back without needing a bathroom. So I spent the day at home, alternating between the bathroom and the couch and letting the kids do whatever they wanted as long as it didn't mean climbing on Mommy or really coming anywhere near me. They were actually angels. I can't believe how good they were.

Saturday I spent most of the day resting and trying to recuperate. By Sunday I was feeling a lot better then I was on Friday, but I am still really worn out and tired. Monday morning Thomas woke up with it. Lovely. Wish me luck that Izzy doesn't get it. Alex still has diarrhea from it.

Some nights...

Pod changes really suck. Started off with the pod change and Izzy was at a really nice 135. We changed the pod, bolused to get a little bit of insulin going and went off outside to play.

About and hour or so later we came in to get some dinner. I checked her blood sugar and she was around 230. Not bad for a pod change night. There have been many times that she has ended up in the 400's on pod change night. I was feeling pretty good about the night. Usually Isabelle ends up staying up late on pod change nights because her numbers are so high and it takes soooo long for them to come down. I guess that was my downfall.

The night was moving along and I was about to move the kids upstairs to bath and then bed when Izzy wanted dessert. After negotiations we landed on a pop-tart. These usually suck because they really spike her bloodsugar, but since her numbers were so good...I gave it to her. About 3 bites into the darn thing I gave her the bolus to cover the pop-tart (37 grams of carbs for just one...not one package!!!!) and the pod starts alarming. Dag-um!!!! I wanted to grab the pop-tart and banish it to the garbage can, but I didn't. I quickly got a new pod started and put on, the old pod taken off and re-bolused her for the pop-tart.

After her bath and her story I checked her blood sugar while holding my breath. 208! Holy crap!!! That's great! It was just a little over an hour since her last bolus so not bad at all. Of course within an hour she was calling to me telling me that she was low, she was actually right around 150. Not too bad.

We really are going through a ton of pods lately though. It seems that at almost every pod change something happens and we have to start a second one. Thank God we got her prescription changed to 1 pod every 2 days instead of 1 every 3 days. Hopefully that will give us some wiggle room.