Thursday, June 28, 2007

Poor Alex

He now has an ear infection. Funny...I know something was wrong when he was up most of the night last night. He just doesn't stay up all night for no reason. He feels better this evening. He should. He has antibiotics, Motrin, teething gel, cold medicine and a tummy full of milk. Plus he got to play with his Daddy and Isabelle.

Alex is too cute these days. He is trying really hard to jump, but can't quite figure out how to get his feet off of the ground. When he is on the bed though he can! He delights in jumping on the bed and landing on his butt. He giggles and then stands up and does it again. He is also trying really hard to give raspberries. Isabelle loves to do that and she thinks it is sooooo funny so now Alex is trying his hardest to do it too. He was totally annoying Isabelle tonight because he kept trying to blow raspberries all over her where ever he could get his mouth. He's too cute.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

The Revenge of the Milkshake

I am really beginning to not like milkshakes. We had a problem with Isabelle when we were on our trip for Memorial Day with a milkshake. It sent her blood sugar sky high so we haven't given her another one until last night.

Yesterday was an ok day. We had a low and about dinner time she was in the 300's but of course she didn't want to eat. We gave her a correction and decided to go out for dinner since everyone had a nap and was fresh and ready to get out. We ended up at the new Steak-N-Shake in town. Of course Isabelle wanted a milkshake. She ate and we gave her insulin for what she ate. I was trying to get her to go to bed and she started complaining about a stomach ache so I checked her blood sugar. It was 72. Gave her 4 glucose tabs to correct for it and checked again in 15 minutes. She was at 122. Good. Left her to go to sleep. She finally fell asleep around midnight.

Around 4:00am she woke me up saying that she was wet. I went in and checked and changed her pj's as well as the comforter. I checked her blood sugar again. It was 397!!! WTH??!!! I gave her a correction and she finally fell back asleep around 6:00am. When we finally woke up at a little before 10:00am she was in the high 80's.

It had to be the milkshake. Either that or there is something else going on. I'm going to guess that it was the milkshake since the last time we had the same problem. Very strange night. I'm exhausted.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Bittersweet moments on Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to all of the Dad's out there. I know of 3 really great ones!

Today we all piled into the van and went to church. We usually take Isabelle to the children's church and Alex to the nursery, but today they weren't having the in-between (between Sunday school and when children's church actually starts about 20 minutes into the church service) children's church so we took Isabelle to the service with us. She sat and watched all of the kids do the songs from vacation bible school. She asked me to let her go up to the stage to sing with the other kids. I told her that since she didn't get to go to VBS (it was in the evening ending at 9:00pm; her bedtime is 7:00) that she didn't know the songs so she couldn't go up there and sing with them. When it was finally time for the children to come up for the children's message Isabelle just walked right up there and sat down like she did it every Sunday of her life. She sat and listened to the preacher very quietly and while he talked to the kids she raised her hand as if she was going to ask him a question. I waited with baited breath to see what she was going to say. Luckily she never did say anything. She was just such a big girl! When the preacher dismissed them she just stood there like she didn't know what to do then she decided to go and sit down next to her Children's Church teacher. She was such a little lady. I couldn't believe that she looked like such a big girl. I got tears in my eyes. I was so proud of her and her big girl behavior. Just recently she started to dress herself. Plus on top of that she is pretty much past the stage of crying every time we give her her insulin. What a big girl she is becoming.

Alex is also growing up. We have been having problems with him eating. For months he has not wanted to eat anything other than formula. On top of that he has also had problems pooping. A couple of weeks ago I took him in for his 1 year well baby checkup and the ped said not to worry about it that he would eat when he was ready. I have heard this before and have been trying not to worry but every one who is a parent knows that is sometimes hard. He finally started eating!!!! Yeah!!! He started out slow. He would only eat things that were crunchy. Today he started branching out. He grabbed a chicken finger off of my plate and went at it. I'm so relieved.

We also switched him recently to soy milk because he seemed to be having problems with the older infant formula that we were trying. Now he is pooping a lot more. He used to poop about once a week. Since we started soy he is pooping almost every day. At least every other day. One day he even pooped 3 times. Wow...what a difference. He has also stopped taking bottles. He is doing really great with the straw cups and only has a bottle right before bed.

I can't believe the changes in my children lately. Their childhoods seem to be flying by me. I'm so proud of both of them.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Vacations and blood sugar

Boy...what a summer. It hasn't been here that long, but we have already made two trips. Last week the kids and I went to go see my parents. We had a really great time, but it really is hard to keep Isabelle's blood sugar in check while we are gone. I don't know why it is harder...we do a lot of eating out even when we are at home so you think I would be used to figuring out what she has eaten and how many carbs there are in it.

Just before we left Isabelle developed a rash so I took her in to the peds and they said it was viral, nothing they could do, it will go away on it's own. It was of course accompanied by some high blood sugars. Nothing else though until she got a case of the hives for a day. So, I had a feeling that her blood sugars were going to be all over the place but I decided to go anyway. I don't want a little thing like diabetes keep us from doing things. While we were there she actually had a blood sugar in the 400's. I almost freaked out. I'm still new at this, and I forgot the keto sticks. Not a big deal you say? Just pop out to the nearest pharmacy or large discount store. Yeah right. My parents live in the middle of nowhere and since it was after 5:00 everyone that was close by was already closed. I had to drive to the nearest town to find a chain pharmacy that was still open and an hour and a half later figured out that Isabelle was not throwing keytones. Yeah! But, dumb mommy! If I had remembered to bring them I would have saved myself almost two hours of freaking out. Live and learn.

The whole time we were gone I was up every night with one of the kids (it's been like that at home lately too though). Isabelle woke up the first 2 or 3 nights with blood sugars in the high 200's and low 300's. She of course couldn't sleep and I had to do corrections. Doesn't make for a peaceful night, but towards the end of the trip she was just waking up in the middle of the night to make sure that I wasn't sleeping for more then 4 hours in a row. Oh...not really. It just felt that way.

We have been home for a few nights and things were calming down. I finally got to spend almost and entire night in the bed with my husband. Then last night Alex woke up around 1:00 am soaking wet and needing a bottle. I took care of him and then came back to bed. I was just getting back to sleep when Isabelle came into our room to get me. I took her back to bed and checked her blood sugar. It was 414! Yuck! Why? Why is it soooo high? I gave her a correction and it still took her over two hours to get back to sleep. I finally drifted off around 4am. Luckily they both slept a little later this morning. I really hope that tonight goes better. I have absolutely no idea why it was so high. I hope she isn't getting sick again. I need a break.

My child

She makes me laugh every day. In fact they both do. Izzy just came and paid me a visit after getting out of the bath. She soon informed me that she was going downstairs to watch her movie. I said OK, but at least put your panties on (she has a really horrible habit of running around naked and if we don't leave the house all day she is likely not to get dressed at all).

She said, "I can't. My panties are in jail."

She totally cracks me up!